Hon. Prof. Landauer Karl
Chungnam National University, Devision of Architecture, Korea

09/12/2015 China Spa association / Lijiang / China
Subject: "International design & architecture guide"

08/4/2014 Chungnam National University / Korea
Subject: "lecture“

22/02/2013 Chungnam National University / Korea
Subject: "lecture“

10/02/2012 Chungnam National University / Korea
Subject: "lecture“

09/10/2011 Chungnam National University / Korea
Subject: "lecture“

15/11/2010 China Spa association / Hongkong
Subject: "International design & architecture guide"

20/01/2008 The Monaco Spa Event / Grimaldi Forum / Monte-Carlo
Subject: “The design & architecture guide to new spa trends and concepts”

20/11/2007 Congress Center – Innsbruck / Austria
Subject: “Quality and innovation"

19/09/2007 FAFGA 2007 – Innsbruck / Austria
(Austrian touristic fair 2007 / Innsbruck / Austria)
Subject: “Future spa architecture in the Alp region"
"Idea and Realization"

17/06/2007  Cosmetica Salzburg – Salzburg / Austria
Subject: “Spa & Wellness Congress”
“Idea and Realization"

31/01/2007 Shanghai exhibition Cosmoprof  2007 – Shanghai / China
Subject: “International Spa experiences, the new wave of spa in China”

01/10/2005 Aguntum Museum - Lienz, Austria
Subject: “The future of interior design for hotel & spa planning”

23/11/2004 Chungnam National University, Korea
Subject: “Architectural technologies for hotel & spa planning”

26/04/2004 Dr. Barbor Cosmetics, Hüningen Castle, Switzerland
Subject: "Spa Planning and Visions"

22/04/2004 Dr. Barbor Cosmetics, Stanglwirt in Going
Subject: "Spa Planning and Visions"

29/10/2003 Symposium Dr. Michaeler & Partner, Brixen, Italy
Subject: "The Hotel Room of the Future"

15/03/2003 Everything for the Guest - Spring Exhibition - Salzburg, Austria
Panel discussion: “The Wellness Trend”

13/04/2002 Leisure Future Congress - Innsbruck, Austria
Subject: “Wellness Facilities – More than just Sauna & Pool"

21/03/2002 Hotel Exhibition of Bolzano,  Italy, HGV
Subject: "The Vision and Emotion of Hotel Pool Concepts in the Present and in the Future"

18/01/2001 Austrian hotelier congress ÖHV, Achensee, Austria
Subject: “The Hotel Room of the Future”

14/04/2000 Seminar Pool Dr. Edinger, HGV-Hogast-ÖHV Grand Hotel Toblach / South Tyrol / Italy
Subject: “The Thing Has to Work – The Philosophy of Functional Hotel Contents"

1999 Top Management Seminar, HGV - Hotel and Restaurant Association
of South Tyrol - Hotel Laurin - Bolzano,  Italy
Subject: “Hotel(-Room-)Dreams in the next Millennium”

1999 Special Congress for Future Investments in the Hotel Business - Dr. Michaeler & partner, Hotel Laurin - Bolzano
Subject: “Hotel Planning as a Kind of Staging – Planning Traps”

1999 Wellness Congress in Wiesbaden, Germany
Subject: ”Top Trends Wellness”

1998 Opening of the Spring Exhibition of Salzburg, Austria
"Everything for the Guest"
Subject: “The Korean Saga – Austrian Adventure Architecture in Asia”

1995 Opening of the Hotel Exhibition of Bolzano,  Italy
Subject: “Changes in Hotel-Room Planning in the Future”